Callbacks Summer Ensemble 2022

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Congratulations to the following actor applicants who have been selected for the Summer Ensemble Callbacks:

  • Juliet Spizzirri
  • Brooklyn Young
  • Michah Chu
  • Brittany Howatt
  • Valeria Baldeon
  • Hatem Deghnouch
  • Gemma Kraehling
  • Madeleine Eddy
  • Delia Clark-Bautista
  • Sarah Kaufmann
  • Leslie Durward
  • Shadan Rahbari
  • Callie Webb Wilkinson
  • Fallon Smyl
  • Evie Hamilton
  • Izzy Eryavec
  • Lauren Welchner
  • India Brown
  • Michael Martins
  • Mikayla Miyashita
  • Alexia Vassos
  • Devaughnte Lawrence
  • Anastasiia Ziurkalova
  • Megan Adam
  • Fadi Dalloul
  • Jessie Lutness
  • Daniel Akinlalu
  • Maya Pejatta
  • Kendra Brophy
  • Rochelle Smith

Callbacks for actors will be held May 2nd 2022. You will receive an email to register for your callback. If you haven’t received an email by Saturday April 30th 11:59pm, please email or call.

To those who have applied for an Artistic Producer or Stage Manager position, we will get back to you shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you to everyone who applied and auditioned with us! We auditioned 110 people over the past two weeks! Unfortunately we are not able to accept everyone into the program, and have been faced with some difficult decisions. If you were not selected for callbacks this year, we strongly encourage you to re-apply next year and keep in touch.

We provide professional development and industry opportunities all throughout the year. For opportunities to work with us click here.

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Cayne Kitagawa

Cayne Kitawaga is a Japanese-Canadian actor. Cayne Kitagawa is from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Cayne is of Ukrainian and Japanese heritage. Cayne is a professional actor and studies theatre in Mississauga. Cayne has a BA (Honours) in Theatre and Drama Studies at the University of Toronto – Mississauga and his Advanced Diploma in Acting from Sheridan College. Cayne is a member of Crane Creations Theatre Company’s 2019 Summer Ensemble. Cayne Kitagawa is dedicated to performance, whether live or recorded. 

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