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The Role

Would you like to work in culture? Crane Creations is hiring a Technical Director and Facilities Manager This is a full time position in Mississauga, Ontario.

The Technical and Facilities Director is a vital member of the Crane Creations Theatre Company team, providing the technical support, care, upkeep of our Mississauga based facilities including a 200 seat proscenium theatre, rehearsal studio and office space. 

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Position Title: Technical Director and Facilities Manager

Start Date: earliest start date 11/07/2022

End Date: N/A

Type of Engagement: Full Time

Compensation: $46,000

What Will You Do?


Technical Services 

  • Operate and maintain technical equipment including but not limited to lighting, sound, rigging, and video.
  • Create and update inventory of theatrical equipment, building supplies, and tools. 
  • Provide technical input in the process of planning and implementation of productions and presentations.
  • Perform technical set up and strike as needed at all locations. 
  • Supervise technical staff and/or volunteers assisting with technical services. 
  • Create technical and construction drawings including but not limited to lighting plots and floor plans.
  • Build original scenic elements and props, and/or repairing, maintaining existing ones.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues on the spot sometimes under pressure and tight deadlines.
  • Provide technical assistance and orientation to rental companies.
  • Oversee and keep records of outgoing equipment loans or rentals.
  • Provide detailed explanations and demonstrate technical procedures to rentals, junior staff, and mentees.
  • Communicate with the potential renters answering their questions and ensuring viability of the rental from the technical standpoint. 
  • Staff training and operation of hoists. 
  • Regular testing of the fire curtain.
  • Annual Rigging System Inspection.

Facility Maintenance 


  • Order facility maintenance supplies.
  • Update facility maintenance inventory sheet.
  • Write reports of any accident or incident that occurs in, on or about the Maja Prentice Theatre within twenty-four (24) hours of the accident or of the incident. 

Maintenance and Repair- Exterior 

  • Snow clearing and salt application during scheduled events- All sidewalks, walkways, from the doors and emergency entrances/exits to and within the parking lot. All work to be completed utilizing hand tools only i.e. snow shovels, no motorized equipment is allowed 
  • Winter maintenance log completion 
  • Maintenance of outdoor displays 
  • Maintain the access ramp and loading dock. 

Maintenance & Repairs – Interior 

  • Custodial Services – day to say sanitary functions for cleanliness and safe usability, appropriate for a public building based on proposed traffic/event scheduling including cleaning of internal light fixtures and flooring finishes including carpets, tiles, vinyl, or ceramic flooring 
  • Maintenance and/or minor repairs of property (i.e. Tables, Chairs, Ladders) 
  • Maintenance and painting of the stage floor, studio floor and other surfaces.
  • Replacing the batteries of the defibrillator (training will be provided).

Reports To

General Manager, Artistic and Managing Director



  • Ability to read and generate technical and construction drawings including lighting plots and ground plans.
  • Ability to take on technical/production leadership as needed and train others in using technical equipment.
  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to work on multiple projects.
  • Collaborative and flexible working style to adapt to team/production needs.
  • Results oriented and proactive approach, with the ability to multitask, prioritize and work independently.
  • Safety is fundamental to this position and the Technical Director must demonstrate safe working practices at all times.
  • Ability to lift 

Education and Experience 

  • Formal Training or acceptable combination of equivalent experience in Technical Production, Technical Theatre, Production and Design or equivalent program.
  • Experience in a technical theatre or technical management capacity (we are willing to offer an opportunity to a capable recent graduate provided they demonstrate knowledge, exceptional dedication and willingness to lead). 
  • Experience working with a variety of live performances including theatre, dance, and festivals.
  • Working knowledge stage, set, sound and lighting design and implementation; stage management; patron services; appropriate safety precautions and procedures.


  • Operating audio and lighting equipment 
  • Lighting design
  • Leadership 
  • Management


  • English (knowledge of any other language is welcomed and considered an asset)

Drivers License

  • Valid driver’s license is required

Software experience

  • Knowledge or willingness to learn how to use Google suite, Excel/Numbers and Word/Pages suite, Slack and other software.

Training and certificates

  • WHIMS certificate is an asset 
  • Working on heights certificate is an asset

Additional Requirements

  • Being a resident of Mississauga or the Region of Peel is considered an asset


Mississauga, Ontario (with occasional travel local, national and international required)


Crane Creations is committed to equity, accessibility, and transparency at all points in the recruitment and hiring process. Crane Creations encourages submissions from members of these following priority groups: 

  • Immigrant or First Generation Artists
  • Artists Living in Mississauga and the Region of Peel 
  • Diverse Artists 
  • Francophone and Bilingual (French/English) artists across Canada.


Deadline to Apply

Date: 28/10/2022

We Can’t Wait to Work With You!

  • Resume – in PDF format
  • Two References – phone number and e-mail for each (PDF)

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