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Summer Ensemble 2024

Deadline To Apply: January 25, 2024
Summer Ensemble Crane Creations Actors

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Are you an emerging actor in the Canadian theatre scene? Crane Creations Theatre Company is hiring actors to be apart of the Summer Ensemble 2024! 

The Role 

Actors are responsible for creating a character either based on a pre-written play, or creating a character from scratch using improvisation while following directions. In addition to working on characters, Actors participating in Summer Ensemble also engage in learning about the performing arts industry. 

Type of Engagement: Full time 

Start Date: June 4 2024 

End Date: July 27 2024

Compensation: $4,320

This role is part of Summer Ensemble 2024.

What Is Summer Ensemble?

Summer Ensemble is a one of a kind work experience for artists pursuing a career in the Canadian theatre industry. Summer Ensemble hires artists between the ages of 18 to 30 to work full time over the course of several weeks. Along the way, learn valuable skills and gain experience in this fast-paced, intense program. 

Working At Summer Ensemble

Job Description

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • punctually arrive to rehearsals and performances;
  • learn and practice industry specific warm up vocal and physical exercises daily;
  • read, analyze and interpret script or themes and ideas proposed as an improvisation input 
  • write a character biography following mentorship and guidance from a senior artist;
  • research themes and topics relevant to the play such as the time period, details about the playwright, historic circumstances, philosophical, sociological and economic background of the piece;
  • study and rehearse lines, gestures and expressions to interpret a role;
  • memorize lines in a timely manner with a 100% accuracy;
  • work collaboratively in a team environment, communicate ideas clearly and effectively (orally and non-orally);
  • sing or dance when required by specific roles;
  • improvise a role in rehearsal situation;
  • understand and follow direction;
  • work on developing comedic timing (comedic timing is a nuanced timing that ensures a line is delivered at the precisely right moment in order to facilitate laughter from the audience);
  • animate puppets or objects or improvise with them; 
  • actively participate in discussions; 
  • follow instruction from CCTC’s staff. 


This is a learning on the job role and will also entail the following requirements:

  • Watch videos containing acting techniques and exercises;
  • Watch video of professional productions;
  • With the help of a mentor learn how to evaluate professional theatre’s elements;
  • Participate in learning activities about professional companies (employers) in Canada, and internationally;
  • Participate in learning activities about funding bodies and grants;
  • Participate in learning activities how a budget for an independently produced show is created and create a budget for a dream show;
  • Examine different digital tools used by theatre artists;
  • Discuss and debate elements of professional productions and acting techniques;
  • Learn how to write and edit a blogpost under supervision and mentorship;
  • Writing 1 blog post per week.

Reports to

Managing Director 


  • Be available to work online and in person at our theatre (3650 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Y 3V9) and studio (2359 Royal Windsor Drive Unit 210, Mississauga, ON L5J 4S9).
  • Be available for all dates and hours stated in contract.
  • Be a Canadian Citizen, have a PR, or refugee status.
  • Be between 18 – 30 years of age.

Past Actors In The Summer Ensemble

Learn who has worked as an actor in the Summer Ensemble in the past. Get to know our previous actors! 

The emerging artists of the 2020 summer ensemble pose for a group picture with artistic director Andreja Kovac

Application Process

How To Apply

Click the button below to apply. Before applying make sure you have read the Job Description and Requirements thoroughly. 

Deadline To Apply: January 25, 2024

More Ways To Participate

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