Lovely Rita

An Animated Short Film

Elena Madrid Crane Creations Puppet Festival Mississauga
Elena Madrid

Lovely Rita

An Animated Short Film

Elena Madrid Crane Creations Puppet Festival Mississauga
Elena Madrid

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Nightly: March 8 to March 15 2023 


Halo Espresso Bar  & Studio Paint Bar

Recomended Audience

Please Note The Total Run Time of all 12 Films is 1hr 30 minutes.  



About the Show

The strict traffic policewoman Rita loves control and order in her workplace. That’s why she has drawn up a rigid, rectangular road network, through which she directs the drivers with precise instructions.
But as more and more cars find their way into her narrow network and it soon threatens to burst, Rita loses control in the traffic. Will Rita get the traffic back under control?

A short story about stress, traffic jams and how to make the best of it.


  • Animation Filmmaker & Illustrator: Elena Madrid
  • Producer for Animated Short Films and Documentaries: Lina Geissmann
  • Filmeditor, Teacher in Film Editing: Annette Brütsch
  • Musician, Composer: Dominik Flückiger
  • Sound Designer & Animation Filmmaker 3D: Jorrit Stadelmann
  • Sound Creator & Sound Designer, Teacher in Sound Design: Thomas Gassmann

About the Director.

An Interview with Elena Madrid.

Elena Madrid was born in Uzwil, Switzerland in 1969. Currently training and working as a Graphic Designer. She studied Fine Arts at (HSLU) University of Art and Design in Luzern, Switzerland, 2003 Art Studio Grant in Krakow (PO) – Realisation of animated short film Der Kussdieb – 2007 Studio Grant in Barcelona (ES) – Story Development of animated short film Wenn der Wind dreht. 2010-2015 Seminars for Story development, Character design. Since 2000, she is working as an animation filmmaker and illustrator at studio fragola design, Zürich Switzerland.

How did you get involved in working in film and animation?

During my study in Art & Design I saw short films by animators Paul Driessen and Joanna Quinn. I was very impressed how the told their stories with drawned images. Since then I wanted to tell my own stories with my illustrations.

What is one piece of advice you could give who is interested in going into film and animation?

Stick to your idea, don’t give up. Even if the story doesn’t make sense yet, you’ll get there someday. And by all means show your stuff to other people, get lots of feedback, preferably at an earlier stage of your story development.

Why do you love animation?

I love to combine drawings, sounds and the right timing to tell lovely stories.

What is an animated film, you highly recommend someone see?

Skhizein, animated short film by Jeremy Clapin.

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