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The Highway Crossing, or the Tale of a Golden Fish

Jaan Tatte Playwright Crane Creations Theatre Company Play Date


Jaan Tätte is an Estonian playwright, poet, actor, and singer. He studied acting in the drama department of the Tallinn Conservatory (now, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre), graduating in 1990. He became an ensemble member of one of Estonia’s best repertory theatres Tallinn City Theatre. During this time he wrote his first play Bungee Jumping. The play won Estonian National Playwriting context and got produced all over the country and internationally (under the title Highway Crossing) making him well-known beyond the borders of Estonia. Now, Jaan Tätte is a full time lighthouse keeper in Vilsandi where he continues to write music and plays.


Play Date is a monthly play reading activity aiming to spread awareness, and increase appreciation of playwrights and playwriting from around the world. Anyone is welcome to join, and read regardless of play reading or language skills. The session will be followed by a discussion led by a professional theatre artist to spark conversations about the themes, style, form, and current world issues related to the selected play. 

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