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Niqabi Ninja

May 19, 2022


Sara Shaarawi is a playwright, translator, producer and performer from Cairo who is based in Glasgow. In 2021, NIQABI NINJA was produced as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Independent Arts Projects/Lyceum and national tour); the play, which explores themes of sexual violence against women, has been performed in Cape Town, South Africa and Kampala, Uganda and been published as part of ‘Contemporary Plays by African Women’, (Methuen). She is currently under commission to National Theatre of Scotland for full length play SPITHOOD and SISTER RADIO will be co-produced by Pilotchry Festival Theatre and Stellar Quines at Pitlochry in Aug/Sept 2022.


Niqabi Ninja, set in Cairo during the Egyptian uprising, surrounds the story of a girl named Hana who has experienced a lot of sexual harassment and is ready to fight back, and Niqabi Ninja, who is a superhero determined to find and avenge every single act of sexual harassment she has experienced at the hands of Egyptian men in Cairo. The play explores the complexity and range of harassment against women and explores the two women’s responses.

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