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'Do you ever stop to think you are part of something historic? What you do is of utmost importance to the world economy. By saving True Blue, you may be saving America. If America is robust, India is robust, the world is robust.'


Anupama Chandrashekar, is an Indian playwright. Critics have described Anupama Chandrashekar “Writer of caustic wit and wry compassion, the building plays that often attempt to deal with the consequences of others’ actions, she is a writer who has constantly found humanity in a world cleaved by technology.”. Her first writing experience started with her early plays Closer Apart produced in her hometown and, her self-directed play Acid produced in Mumbai, India. Her plays are staged at leading venues in India, Europe, Canada, and the US. She is the National Theatre, London’s first international playwright-in-residence from 2016 to 2017. Her nominations include awards like Evening Standard’s Most Promising Playwright, Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, and John Whiting Award (UK).


Anupama Chandrashekar’s play Disconnect is described as similar to her wit and her honest writing style is wider in range. The play is set in a call center in Chennai, India, and is about the effort of the center workers to file the debts and inquiries, despairs, and idiocies of the largely American callers to a US credit card company. “It found humanity in the geographical disconnection of our globalized call center culture.” Disconnect has been translated and staged in German and Czech and had its “American and West Coast premieres in 2013 at Chicago’s Victory Gardens Theater and the San Jose Repertory Theatre respectively.”


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