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Arabian Nights

Roland Schimmelpfennig - - Nestroy-Preisverleihung 2009

December 16 2021


Roland Schimmelpfennig is a German theatre director, dramaturg, and playwright. He was born in Gottingen in Germany. He began his career as a journalist, but in studied at Otto Flackenberg School of the Performing Arts to become a theatre director. He is one of Germany’s most celebrated playwrights, and his work has been translated into over 20 different languages. His work varies from dreamlike to naturalistic in style. Roland Schimmielpfennig, has won the Mulheimer Dramatikerpreis the Else-Lasker-Schüler-Dramatikerpreis and the Nestoy Theatre Prize. He lives in Berlin.


Arabian Nights is set in a magical tower block housing complex, where five characters cross paths on a hot summer evening. Hans, the caretaker of the building, is trying to find out why the water has run dry above the eighth floor. Fatina, a resident, is waiting for her lover, Kalil, who is trapped in the building’s elevator. Every night, Franziska, falls asleep and forgets the events of her day. Peter, a voyeur, trespasses through the building. Inspired by the classical story, One-Thousand-and-One Nights, combined with a noir thriller, Arabian Nights is an urban fairy-tale written by Roland Schimmelpfennig and translated by David Tushingham.


Play Date is a monthly play reading activity aiming to spread awareness, and increase appreciation of playwrights and playwriting from around the world. Anyone is welcome to join, and read regardless of play reading or language skills. The session will be followed by a discussion led by a professional theatre artist to spark conversations about the themes, style, form, and current world issues related to the selected play.

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