Tom Priestly
Tom Priestly is a linguist working on the first time English Translation of Ivan Cankar’s works from Slovene. They have completed the done the revisions for Beautiful Vida (Lepa Vida) and Lackeys (Hlapci). Read more about them below.
About Tom

Tom Priestly began his linguistic career with an interest in Russian phonetics and phonology, and then did some work in child phonological acquisition. In 1978 he first visited an area of Carinthia (Austria) where Slovene-speakers are in a minority, and began trying to describe the phonology and grammar of the dialect of one Carinthian village, Sele. The extent of linguistic variation among its 1000-odd speakers led him into (psycho-)sociolinguistics and political linguistics, in which areas he concentrated most of his work. He recently returned to more traditional linguistics with projects involving informant-based research. He has also translated Slovene poetry and prose into English, with several books published

Work revised by Tom
About the book

Beautiful Vida (1911, originally Lepa Vida), which Cankar called a dramatic poem, is a modern adaptation of Prešeren’s take on a folk song about “Beautiful Vida”. The tale of Lepa Vida tells of a young woman whisked away from her poor and sickly husband and child, who is brought to care for the children of the Queen of Spain.

About the book

Ivan Cankar conceived Lackeys (1910, originally Hlapci) as a political satire, albeit not a satire according to classical criteria. Various characters from the play have become synonyms in Slovene for people of principle, decency, and high moral standards, or, conversely, for the absence thereof.


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