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Dates: June to August

Location: 2359 Royal Windsor Drive

Eligible Applicants: students or recent graduates of programs related to live theatre, and emerging artists under 30 years of age.

Every summer Crane Creations Theatre Company hires a group of emerging artists for eight to ten weeks to  discover what it means to be a professional Canadian theatre artist in Canada. We explore classical text and develop new work, while sharing our knowledge of different professional theatre companies from Canada and around the world. We also discuss what makes good theatre, and investigate what is currently being produced, assessing what has theatre’s role been throughout history so we can use it to its full potential. Financial tools and training are also provided to participants and information on funding opportunities for artists as well. 

This honest, and action packed skills training program’s goal is to expand your ideas and knowledge about theatre while providing participants with an unparalleled insight into the industry. We specifically focus on being an artist in Canada, and the unique challenges that come along with that. All this because we believe artists deserve to understand how the industry works to be able to best participate in it.

frequently asked questions

Summer ensemble offers industry rate, full time employment lasting for up to 10 weeks for emerging artists. Crane Creations firmly believes in compensating artists for their work. 

During our 2020 Summer Ensemble most of our rehearsals took place over Zoom.

We prioritize providing a safe and accommodating environment for all participants. To limit the spread of Covid 19, Crane Creations Theatre Company provides disposable masks, gloves, face shield, and on site sanitizer. We ask visitors and participants to abide by a daily routine consisting of:

  • Washing hands with soap immediately upon arrival at the premises.
  • Applying hand sanitizer
  • Removing shoes prior entering the studio space
  • Enact social distancing

We are following all provincial regulations.

This opportunity is best suited for current students or recent graduates of theatre post-secondary programs.

You are expected to attend all rehearsals. This is a full-time commitment.

An open audition call is posted in May on industry listing sites, career boards and sent out to agents. If you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, follow us on social media for all the latest updates.

Our ensemble members