Summer Ensemble 2020


An 8 to 10 week long skills training program for emerging artists.

Every summer a group of emerging artists joins Crane Creations Theatre Company for an eight to ten weeks long exploration of theatre. We work on classical plays and develop new work, learn about professional theatre companies, international and Canadian, discuss what makes good theatre, and what should be produced in theatre today. We investigate what is theatre’s role in the past and in the future. This raw, honest and action packed skills training program aims at expanding ideas and knowledge about theatre while providing our artists with an unparalleled insight into the industry.


Still have some questions?

Students, recent graduates of programs related to live theatre, and emerging artists.

This opportunity is best suited for recent graduates of drama and theatre programs.

We have a wonderful light filled commuter friendly studio located in SW Mississauga.

Our program runs between June and August, for exact dates please follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter.

Absolutely! Summer ensemble offers above minimum wage full time employment lasting for several weeks. Crane Creations firmly believes compensating artists for their work is essential. Read more about our advocacy regarding paying artists fairly here.

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