Location: 2359 Royal Windsor Drive

The studio is located in South-West Mississauga, near Oakville, at the intersection of Southdown and Lakeshore. It is accessible by public transit and has parking on site. We work and rehearse from our studio, host community meetings and offer space to local artists and companies in need of rehearsal space.


Total: 1197 sqft

  • Rehearsal space: 480 sqft
  • Washroom: 144 sqft
  • Meeting room: 180 sqft
  • Office: 110 sqft
  • Hallway: 147 sqft
  • storage room: 136.1 sqft

  • Free WiFi
  • Column-free
  • Air-conditioned
  • Heated
  • Mirrors
  • Gender Neutral Washroom
  • Shower
  • Vinyl flooring in studio, tiles in the restroom

The rehearsal space can seat up to 25 people.

  • 17 Chairs 
  • 4 Tables
  • 1 Microwave
  • 1 Refrigerator
  • 1 Fan
  • 1 Hand-held vacuum
  • Cleaning supplies

We currently do not have any specialized lighting, audio or video equipment available. 

The users of the space are encouraged to bring in their own specialized lighting and sound equipment as needed. There are many wall outlets in every room available. 

Let us know what specialized equipment we should get in the future for your use?

There is plenty of free parking in front of our studio available on a first come first serve basis. Weekdays the lot is busier, plan to arrive early to find a spot. On weekends and evenings there’s plenty of space.

Our studio is located on the second floor and is only accessible by stairs. Funds permitting we are hoping to be able to improve accessibility for people with reduced mobility. We do however strive to program our live performances in accessible spaces. Contact us for any accessibility needs or concerns. 

There are plenty of local restaurants and well-known franchises located close to our studio, including a breakfast place, a family diner, Italian, Indian, Jamaican family run restaurants and a Metro grocery store well stocked with fresh produce and prepared food.

Starbucks and Tim Hortons are 10 minutes away on foot from our studio.

rental rates





Looking for a space to have a meeting, host a private event, play dungeons and dragons, do a yoga class, or get together with family and friends? Our space is available for you at this great rate.

Searching for affordable rehearsal space in Mississauga? Look no further. Easy online booking and hassle free transactions. We also offer barter exchange or free space to local artists on occasions.

Affordable space for hosting meetings and events of registered charities and not-for-profit organizations. We offer a discount on daily and weekly rates.

We always encourage you to email us or call us and we will do our best to find a way to help you rent our space.


fun facts

Our Neighbourhood: Clarkson

Home to about 40,000 people, Clarkson was originally a village known for strawberry fields. Strawberries were exported all over Canada from here with the help of the railway that connected Clarkson with the rest of Ontario early on during the settlement of Ontario. In the 70’s Clarkson was one of 7 villages joining into a city today known as Mississauga. Clarkson is home to families, beautiful parks on the shores of lake Ontario but also some of the last remaining heavy industry in Mississauga such as the Suncor oil refinery.

Our Mayors

Mississauga is known for its strong female mayors. Mayor Hazel McCallion was so popular with the voters that she stayed in power for 36 years retiring at the age of 93, making her the longest reigning and the oldest mayor in the Guinness Book of World Records. Current mayor Bonnie Crombie continues her legacy as a strong leader helping to make Mississauga into one of the safest and most prosperous communities in Canada.

The name: Mississauga

The name Mississauga comes from the Anishinaabe word Misi-zaagiing, meaning “[Those at the] Great River-mouth”. Mississauga is located at the intersection of Lake Ontario and Credit River. Although Mississauga is a city in its own right (larger than Vancouver), many consider it a suburb located west of Toronto. Mississauga has been undergoing a rapid development in the past few decades.

Let us know you want to rent our space

have a look

Crane Creations Theatre Company acknowledges the land on which we gather, and which the Region of Peel operated, is part of the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit. For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples inhabited and cared for this land. In particular we acknowledge the territory of the Anishinabek, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee and Ojibway/Chippewa peoples; the land is home to the Metis; and most recently, the territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation who are direct descendants of the Mississaugas of the Credit. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work on this land, and by doing so, give our respect to its first inhabitants. 

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