Lois Grace Santiago

Summer Ensemble 2024


Lois Grace Santiago is a BIPOC illustrator using bright colors, bold graphics, and playful humor in her work. Combining traditional and digital mediums, she focuses on diversifying storytelling approaches. Lois is a member of Summer Ensemble 2024.


Lois Grace Summer Ensemble 2024

About Lois Grace Santiago

Lois Grace Santiago, also known as Luigi, is a Filipina-born artist, now based in Ontario. Her artistic journey began as a child when she discovered her passion for art at a young age while doodling in the margins of her notebooks. Her colourful and imaginative artwork captures her love of storytelling and her inner-child. Combining bright colours, bold graphics, and playful humour, her creative approach spans motion graphics, concept art, illustration, traditional mediums, and more.

As a firm believer in the power of imagination, Lois Grace finds joy in creating worlds and characters that inspire and captivate her audience. Her work is a testament to the endless possibilities of creative expression, showcasing her ability to transport viewers to new worlds of colour, movement, and emotional resonance.

Dedicated to exploring new avenues of creativity, Lois Grace’s artistic journey is far from over. Drawing inspiration from her many creative pursuits such as books, comics, anime, podcasts, musicals, gaming, and cosplaying, she is passionate about continuing to cultivate her creativity.

Lois is a member of the Summer Ensemble 2024 program. 


Lois Grace attended OCAD University, majoring in Illustration. Through their studies, they gained a deep understanding of various artistic techniques, design principles, and the creative process. Additionally, they honed their skills in digital illustration, traditional media, and graphic design. Their educational experience provided them with a strong foundation in visual storytelling, conceptual thinking, and technical proficiency. Furthermore, they actively engaged with various aspects of the illustration field, including character design, narrative illustration, and editorial work, which cultivated a well-rounded understanding of the industry.

Work Experience

Lois has been on quite a journey, starting as a freelance illustrator and taking on roles like, cashiering, and social media management. They have even been an activity coordinator at a retirement home. Each experience has been special, contributing to their growth as a person. Currently, they are striving to break through into the industry as a professional artist.


Summer Ensemble is a one of a kind work experience for artists pursuing a career in the Canadian theatre industry.

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