Eunnie An

Summer Ensemble 2024

Actor, Stage Manager

Eunnie is a Korean-Canadian dancer, singer, and choreographer who has spent over 15 years in the world of classical ballet before getting her start in musical theatre last year. Eunnie is a member of Summer Ensemble 2024.


Eunnie An Summer Ensemble 2024

About Eunnie An

Eunnie is a Korean-Canadian performer from a classical ballet background. Having danced in various ballet and contemporary productions across North America for over 15 years, she has performed in productions such as The Nutcracker and Don Quixote, along with excerpts from ballets such as Sleeping Beauty, Raymonda, Paquita, and Le Corsaire.

Upon graduating from Grand Ballet Vancouver, Eunnie danced with Seoul City Ballet in South Korea before returning to Canada to pursue a career as a performer in multiple disciplines. She made her debut in musical theatre just last year as Lady Macbeth in Macbeth the Musical, and her film/tv debut as the villain in Mindscapes, a TV series set to be released later this year.

Since then, Eunnie has been honoured to be able to make her professional Toronto Fringe debut in The Man With The Golden Heart alongside an illustrious cast and her debut in Stratford as a featured dancer with Irina Lerman’s Neural Ballet. She is excited to continue growing as a performer this year!

Eunnie is a member of the Summer Ensemble 2024 program. 


Eunnie graduated from The University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature with the intent to either become a screenwriter or English teacher. After a short stint teaching ESL in Japan and Korea, Eunnie made up her mind to use her expertise to strengthen her abilities as an actress instead.

Work Experience

Most recently, Eunnie is acting in commercials for companies such as PUBG mobile, and doing freelance work dancing when she can. When she is not dancing or acting, she can be found working from home as a customer support agent for lululemon athletica. In the past, Eunnie spent a year abroad in Asia to pursue teaching English as a career before determining it wasn’t for her and returning to the world of performing arts.


Summer Ensemble is a one of a kind work experience for artists pursuing a career in the Canadian theatre industry.

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Meet First Name Last Name.

An Interview with First Name Last Name.

Where Did You Grow Up?

I grew up in Scarborough and Markham, my childhood I would say a generic one.

Where Did You Grow Up?

I grew up in Scarborough and Markham, my childhood I would say a generic one.

What is your favourite book(s) and why?

My favourite book was Eleanor and Park, it was the first real book I was actually interested in reading about. This book was given to me in my ninth grade English class as my book study. It was a soapy love story book in my opinion did not get the right ending.

What are your hobbies? What is something that you are passionate about?

I love the outdoors, biking is my favourite thing to do in the world. It just feels so liberating to go out and bike wherever you want whenever you want. The feeling of the wind when you bike down the hill, the small off beaten paths you can explore. The tress, grass, water that surrounds you while you casually bike down the trail. Climbing that big mountain that took every breath out of you to complete. Then looking back and seeing how high you climbed. Rewarding yourself with a big down hill you get to enjoy the powers of gravity as you quickly descend down the mountain. Biking forces me to fight against myself mentality and physically, pushing myself to the limits on a mountain or a strong windy day. It forces me to not give up and allows me to have perseverance and to keep peddling harder and faster. Another thing I like is nature, connecting to earth and realizing that without earth you will not exist. Allowing the sounds of birds tweeting and trees rustling while you walk down the trail and crunch on leaves.

What is a new skill you have always wanted to learn and why?

What is something that you did that you are proud of?

Being the stage manager for my local high school musical! It was a very fun and exhausting experience but I was very proud of it. I got the chance to be basically in charge of the school musical in my final year of high school. It was very rewarding to me as I get to watch the whole audience stand up and give a standing ovation to the whole class. And it was a great way to spend some time with my fellow graduating students and students who had interest in theatre and musicals.

Do you have any advice for someone aspiring to enter your field?

The everything out and see what you like, once you know what you like try to do that as much as you can. Try to do everything to the best of your opportunity and always remember it’s better to be safe than sorry. So always ask questions, never give up, it’s all about you. And remember that with the internet nowadays you can always search up how to do X and whatsoever. Depending on you interests there might be some skills that you can develop without needing expensive equipment, software that you can download for free and try to learn how to use it.

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