Volunteer of The Month

Congratulations to the latest volunteer of the Month!

Volunteer of the Month is an award, given to volunteers who regularly go above and beyond in their volunteering duties at Crane Creations Theatre Company. 

Our past volunteers of the month proudly share their award to future employers, post-graduate admission offices, or show this special award to their friends, families and teachers. 

Tristan Lall

Congratulations to Tristan Lall, March 2024’s Volunteer of The Month! Would you like to be the next Volunteer of the Month?

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What Is A Volunteer of The Month

At Crane Creations Theatre Company, we firmly believe in celebrating the heart and soul of our organization – our volunteers. That’s why we’ve introduced a special honour known as the “Volunteer of the Month.”

The Volunteer of the Month award is a recognition given to an outstanding volunteer each month. This accolade is more than just a token of appreciation; it holds significant value for the recipients. Volunteers can leverage this award to enhance their resumes when applying for jobs or post-secondary education. We celebrate our volunteers by highlighting their contributions, which they can proudly share with friends, family, and loved ones. This recognition not only acknowledges their hard work but also provides them with a valuable credential for their future endeavours.

But this recognition isn’t just about one person; it’s a celebration of our entire volunteer family. It’s a reminder that every contribution, no matter how big or small, plays a vital role.

So, if you happen to encounter our Volunteer of the Month, be sure to give them a round of applause, a pat on the back, or even just a simple “thank you.”

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Know Someone Who Wants To Volunteer?

Do you know someone who needs 40 volunteer hours? Maybe they have a passion for performing arts or enjoy being active in the community. 

We are always looking for amazing volunteers to join our team! 

Share this opportunity with them!

How To Become Volunteer of the Month

Becoming Volunteer of the Month starts with a simple first step: signing up to volunteer! Once you’ve completed the sign-up process and participated in your training session, you’re well on your way to earning the title.

Following that, consistency is key. Dedicate yourself to volunteering regularly with us. At least 20 hours of volunteering is required before being considered for Volunteer of the Month.  Here are a few ways you can showcase your excellence as a volunteer, and earn Volunteer of the Month.

Be On Time

Ensure punctuality for your shifts. Arrive promptly and consistently for your volunteer commitments.

Be A leader

Display leadership abilities within your volunteer role. As you gain experience, take on greater responsibilities.

Be Positive

Make volunteering a blast! Keeping a cheerful attitude while volunteering can brighten the experience.

Be Supportive

Support your fellow volunteers. Lend a hand to those in need, and be an excellent team player.

Be Considerate

Be considerate of others. Practice empathy and tolerance with those around you.

Go The Extra Mile

Volunteers of the Months take initiative and go above and beyond what is asked of them.

Volunteer In Theatre!

Start your journey to become volunteer of the month, by signing up to be a volunteer at Crane Creations Theatre Company.  

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