Hanuel Yi looking on edge in his squirrel character while posing for a photo by a black door at the Crane Creations Theatre Company studio

Haneul Yi

Summer Ensemble 2020 Actor

Haneul Yi, an Ensemble 2020 Actor, is currently in his 4th year of Musical Theatre program at Sheridan Musical Theatre Program. He loves music, so he aspires to be a music director/composer for the theatre scene in Toronto.

Some of his notable credits are:

  • Gym Teacher/Ensemble in In Real Life
  • Session Guitarist at Kitsault (Workshop)
  • Devin in Wild Card

He is happy to have gained insight into the business of national/international theatre, because he believes it better equips him for this future.

Crane creations helped me understand the true landscape of the industry of Canada and internationally. And informed me at where to fit in the picture. It was an invaluable experience I wouldn’t have gotten in any normal Canadian educational system.

(This program was) Especially helpful with business side. To think what was to become a collective creative team rather than actors/director, which have us a good sense of another side of the table.

Haneul Yi, an Ensemble 2020 Actor, is one of the many talented artists, and like his colleagues, we had the pleasure of working with him this summer. So, let us introduce you to one of his colleagues Eugenia De Jong!