10:30 AM March 9, 2023

Maja Prentice Theatre

Ontario Showcase

Professional puppeteers from across Ontario showcase their work.

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Want To Participate In Showcase?

A Brief History of Time

About The Event

Puppet Festival Mississauga presents the Ontario Artist Showcase where the best of Ontario Puppetry is at your fingertips!

Discover 7 new pieces performed by the artists who created them. Get a taste of what the future of puppetry in Ontario will look like.

About Us

As Ontario’s largest international puppet festival, we provide opportunities for

A dragon puppet made by Erindale Theatre at the University of Toronto Mississauga on display during march break

Are You A Presenter?

See the very best of what Ontario artists have to offer. 


Showcase is an opportunitiy for artists across Ontario to present their work to potential buyers aka. presenters. Artists present short form performances of their work to audiences onstage. 

Simply put: a presenter is a buyer of shows or other artistic works (exhibitions, workshops etc…). A presenter selects artistic programming that they believe their audience will enjoy for public presentation.  How does this work? A presenter seeks out or discovers a show they are interested in presenting. The presenter will contact the artist and inquire about technical requirements, cost and other practicalities. Once the presenter has made their decision about whether this show is right for their audience, they will purchase the show from the artist. A presenter does not remount a show, they purchase it ready-made, meaning the show is ready to tour and go onstage. 

Whether, you are a presenter or artist, contact us at info@cranecreations.ca. 

Yes. You don’t have to have a finished product to participate. There are also many ways to participate in the showcase, including participating in our  pitch session (no performance required) or joining our artist-presenter meet-up

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