9:30 PM March 9, 2023

Halo Espresso Bar

Puppet Slam

Discover all types of puppets at the Mississauga Puppet Festival Puppet Slam! Join us for short stories and songs by many different artists.

Watch A Show. Make Friends. Have Fun.

Play Video about Bridges Festival: Puppet Slam

What Is Puppet Slam?

Creative folks from around the world and local, who like to experiment and have fun with puppets, will share their short films, live acts, stories & creations with you! 

This isn’t a puppet show for kiddos, so leave the littles home; this Puppet Slam is for the grown ups! You might see strange and disturbing things… You might see wonderful and whimsical things… You’ll definitely see ridiculous things!

It will be at the Halo Espresso Bar, and their full menu will be available as well as wines and beer! We’ll help you burn off that evening espresso energy, but keep the coffee beans away from the puppets; some might get a little too hyper!


About Us

As Ontario’s largest international puppet festival, we provide opportunities for

A dragon puppet made by Erindale Theatre at the University of Toronto Mississauga on display during march break

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