Shiyam Pillai

Board of Director Our Board of Director Shiyam holds a MBA from York University and is currently pursuing a CFA designation. He is a mathematical genius and an astute analyst. He has been a critical eye in Crane Creations plans and aspirations helping to bring them from dreams and ideas on a concrete path to […]

Rosanna Ramirez

Member of the Board Our board member Rosanna is a trained engineer and a successful entrepreneur. Her business is involved manufacturing and research consulting. As a mom of two children with autism, Rosanna is very passionate about mental health and inclusion, and she devotes her time to advocate for more opportunities for children with mental […]

Faisal Rasheed

Board of Director In addition to being our Board member, Faisal is a founder and CEO of a successful international marketing company Ambient Squared. Their clients include IKEA, BMO, Hyundai and Sony. Ambient Squared specializes in large scale experiential campaigns. Their campaigns have gathered a lot of attention at the Toronto Nuit Blanche and Montreal […]

Arun Pillai

Chair of the Board In addition to being the chair of our board, Arun is a successful entrepreneur helping the private sector obtain government tax credits and grants. As an Engineering graduate from University of Waterloo, Arun was a part of the dot com tech boom working for tech giant Trilogy in Austin Texas before […]

Andreja Kovac

FOUNDING ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Directing, producing, creating theatre and being an artistic director. Andreja always wanted to be  theatre director. When she was 5 and a half she did my first show with a group of 7 friends. They wrote a story about winter kidnapping spring and she played a snow bell, one of the early […]

One by Mani Solemanlou

One by Mani Soleymanlou One is the first in a trilogy of plays that explores identity through important self-defining moments of the characters life. It explores who this character is, and helps us to reflect upon who we are. Mani is an internationally renown actor and playwright who has lived in Tehran, Paris, Toronto, Ottawa […]

Aditi Sharma

Designer and Intern Artistic Producer Aditi Sharma is a theatre costume and set designer based in The GTA. Growing up, she was fond of making a mess, “because, I was a child, but nothing much has changed”. So, with that theory in mind she went on to become a designer. She has a BFA in […]