We are looking for creative and engaging puppet shows

Deadline: April 15, 2021

Bridges Festival organized by Crane Creations Theatre Company in Mississauga, Ontario invites puppeteers and puppet theatres to send their shows in for consideration for the 3rd annual Bridges Festival scheduled for March 2022. Bridges Festival presents Canadian and international puppet shows, for adults and children, of at least 30 minutes in length. For us, animation is expressed in various forms of moving/animating inanimate objects. These forms include puppetry, automata, stop-motion animation, film and digital animation and robotics.  We celebrate traditional and new forms of puppetry, while expanding the conversation of what is puppetry and animation and how it touches contemporary world.

To apply please fill out the form below and provide the following:

  1. A short description of the performance you would like us to present
  2. A link to a recording of your show (password protected, will not be shared with the public)
  3. Your technical rider
  4. A short description of the company

Selected applicants will be notified by May 15th 2021.

The Festival provides a presentation fee and accommodation.

Selected companies will be responsible for travel expenses.
We can assist with grant applications to cover travel costs as needed.

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