Andreja Kovac


Directing, producing, creating theatre and being an artistic director.

Andreja always wanted to be  theatre director. When she was 5 and a half she did my first show with a group of 7 friends. They wrote a story about winter kidnapping spring and she played a snow bell, one of the early spring flowers whom helps rescue spring and get things back on track. Their performance was watched by their parents but they were hooked. Later on this group of early childhood friends went on to produce some outstanding professional artists: a publisher, a ballet dancer, painter, and her, an award winning, critically acclaimed professional theatre director. 

Since that early age I kept on trying new hats in theatre. I started a theatre group in grade school and incorporated a professional theatre company in high school. Obviously I auditioned for  National Theatre School of Canada and against all the naysayers got accepted. From there in my life has become infused with professional theatre, from classics, to contemporary plays, new writing, development, touring, administration, puppetry, opera and I have done it all. I love it and cannot imagine my life without it. And because but.

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