Portrait of Alex Cameron by a black door at local theatre company

Alex Cameron

Summer Ensemble Member

Alex Cameron (She/her) is a trans, non-conforming queer artist, and fellow ensemble member from Mississauga. She recently graduated form University of Toronto with a BA in Theatre and Performance studies, and does improv and voiceovers. 

Some of her notable credits include: 

  • Dr. James Mitchell/Multiple in The Joy of Sax.
  • Nick in Three Sisters and 
  • Lurch in The Addams Family Musical.

Fun Fact about Alex: You will never catch her in a bad or mediocre outfit, because where she goes, fashion follows! She also has a toy iguana, and its fashionable too.

Crane creations’ existence is an important statement and a proof-of-concept for a better, more open work for artists; and by extension, all of us.”

Alex is one of the many talented and inspiring summer ensemble members whom we had the pleasure to work with.  So, allow us to introduce you to her peer: Bénédicte Mbaididje!